Never stand still!



The creative industry is constantly evolving. The advent of AI has caused a seismic shift that will impact all aspects of the creative process. You may not be replaced by AI, but you will be replaced by someone who understands AI. Therefore, it is essential to continuously learn, think, and adapt. This series embodies the progression of technology over the past 25 years. The backplates were captured using a medium format camera and Fuji film, then scanned. 


With the help of Raven, who creates CGI models for the NFT and the Metaverse, we received some beautiful digital data for the car. The most surprising thing is to humanize this project as we used AI to create the characters. 


Despite predictions of an apocalypse for the creative industry, we are still here and must adapt, think creatively, collaborate, and think even more.


Special thanks to Raven for their contributions to the CGI, to Feeling Visual for their post-processing work on the still images, and to the L.A. Creative Team for their support, the art direction and stunning graphics and animations.


RAVEN: @ravencarsworld –  – Matteo GENTILE @mattegentile

Photo: MP CURTET @mpcurtet –
Art Director & Graphic design studio: @lacreativeteam –  Axel & Marlyne

CGI & Post-prod: @feeling_visuel – – Denis & Florent

Producer @feeling_visuel@charleastwest