I'm excited to present our new personal project to you —
An other short film titled RELEASE with NIKI SMART 

What an amazing time  and  big  thanks to our entire team in making this happen
NIKI SMART - A BIKE COMPANY @abc_abikecompany
DIRECTOR: M&P Curtet - curtet.com
DP: Gerardo Madrazo AMC
DP: Kevin Lachman 
3d CAMERA & DRONE: Tim Curtet
DRONE: Derek Slayton
STORYTELLING /DIRECTOR’S CUT EDIT: LA Creative Team - lacreativeteam.com 
POST PRODUCTION SpotBot - spotbotmedia.com
PRODUCTION: MJ68 Productions 
M&P CURTET represented by: 
Held & Associates in USA
Severin Wendeler in Europe
Cream paris tv in France

Two days in the desert - The Chase & Release short films
Behind the scenes with MP CURTET 

Thank you!